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Jackpot menu is a wonderful collection of traditional and novel dishes catering your palate. You can choose from a variety of unique dishes from past, present and future of Kuwait’s culture.

Food Varieties

Daily special

Pastas & Pasta Rosa

Jackpot Restaurant will make with delicious  pasta’s with tomato sauce,oregano, basil & Parmesan cheese,Button mushrooms,porcine mushrooms with risotto and Parmesan with Prawns..

Burgers & Pints

A hamburger, beefburger or burger is a consisting of one or more cooked patties of, usually beef, placed inside a sliced bread roll or bun. The patty may be pan fried,barbecued,or flame broiled.

Jackpot Salad

Our salads are extremely delicious to cater the craving you have to eat something healthy. Apart from just being healthy, our salads feature richness of herbs and the goodness of apple, mango and celery.

Jackpot Sliders

Grilled sweet potato’s and white onion,Bacon,tomato,cheddar cheese with lettuce and Special Jackpot sauce in Slider bun..

Let's Decover

Our Menu

Healthy Burgers/Wraps/Drink

Beet & Quinoa Burger

KD 2.000

Jackpot sauce,Iceberg lettuce,fat free cheese , Walnuts with Beet and quinoa patty.

Herbal Chicken Burger

KD 2.500

Grilled fillet marianted with jackpot special healthy mariande,Iceberg lettuce,tomato,capsicum ,white onion and fat free cheese.

Herbal Wrap

KD 1.150

Grilled fillet marianted with jackpot special healthy mariande,Iceberg lettuce and fat free cheese in tortilla bread.

Diet drink

KD 1.250

Mix of Fresh lime,kiwi,orange and mint


Shawarma Wraps

KD 0.950

Chicken shawarma with mozarella cheese,tomato and onion in tortilla bread

Butter Chicken Wraps

KD 0.950

Butter chicken with lettuce in tortilla bread

Shrimp Wrap

KD 0.950

Crumbfried shrimp with lettuce,chilli marination,jackpot sauce in tortilla bread.

Jackpot Wrap

KD 1.000

Grilled beef ,mushroom,swiss cheese with jackpot sauce in tortilla bread


KD 1.500

Any Wrap + Fries + Regular Soft Drinks

Crunchy Chicken Wrap

Crunchy chicken with cheese and lettuce with special sauce in tortilla bread

Vegetable Wrap

Combination of mix vegetable,fried beetroot,lettuce and special sauce in tortilla bread

Jackpot 65

KD 1.750

Specially prepared Chicken 65 with special ingredients.


The Jackpot

KD 0.950

Grilled sweet potatos and white onion,Bacon,tomato,cheddar cheese with lettuce and Special Jackpot sauce in Slider bun

The Triumph

KD 0.950

Bacon beef patty, lettuce ,cheddar cheese caramelised onion with BBQ sauce with Slider bun.

Crunchy Chicken

KD 0.950

Deep fried Crispy chicken with cheddar cheese,lettuce with chipotle mayo sauce with Slider bun.


KD 3.000

Jackpot,Triumph & Crunchy chicken sliders + Fries + Regular Soft Drinks

Meals Combo's

Meat Combo

KD 2.500

Flavoured Rice + Curry ( Meat ,Chicken,Prawns) & Veg Salad

Butter Chicken Meal

Rice + Butter Chicken & Veg Salad

Steak Combo

KD 3.000

Steak with Rice / Mash potato &fresh mix Vegetable

Southwest Combo

KD 2.500

Southwest Chicken + Coleslaw + Fries & Bun

chili chicken combo

KD 2.300

Fried Rice / Noodles + Chilli Chicken & Veg Salad

Butter Chicken

KD 1.900


Crunchy Chicken Strips

KD 1.450

Panko fried chicken strips with ranch sauce

Shrimp Basket

KD 1.750

Shrimps marianated, rolled in vermicelli and deep fried served with sweet chilli and ranch sauce

Jalapeno Cheese Tots

KD 1.350

Cheese balls mixed with herbs and jalapenos

Fish Finger

KD 1.350

Tender fish fillet battered and crispy fried

Fiery Chicken Wings

KD 1.550

Spicy chicken wings

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